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The 2017 (24th) 10k Run


Latest Run

Ideal running conditions – not hot, not cold, not windy and not raining!


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List of Winners of all years


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Photos 1 - Before Run (2 pages)

Photos 2 - Start

Photos 3 - End Coastal Path

Photos 4 – Leasowe Carpark (2 pages)

Photos 5 – 5k Turn

Photos 6 - Near Carpark Water Stn (3 pages)

Photos 7 – Just 1k To Go

Photos 8 - Finish (5 pages)

Photos 9 – After Run

Photos – Winner Cup Presentations

Photos – Volunteers


Thanks and Acknowledgements:

The Wednesday Special Needs Club wishes to thank our runners and the spectators for once again helping make the run such a successful event, both for the WSNC and Hoylake.


This year we received 601 entries. Considering that there were 5 other 10k runs on the same day within 80 miles of Hoylake, this was a fantastic turnout. We are very pleased that so many runners chose to support us and take part in our 10k.


A big THANK YOU to the many volunteers and friends who helped on the day.


We had over 70 volunteers covering the many tasks and posts required throughout the 10k course and in the Community Centre. So well done everyone! A brilliant team effort.


5K Turn

This year we had an extra team of marshals at the 5k turn because of the cocklers working at Moreton shore. Special thanks go to Colin Birkett (our 10k Safety Co-ordinator) and the seven extra marshals who came on board to support us a week before the run, and ensured everything ran smoothly. Thanks Jo, Peter, Alison, Natalie, Mat, Allie and Rachael.


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Thanks also to Dave Stevenson (Wirral Ranger) for doing another fantastic job in making sure the course between the 5k marker and Leasowe Lighthouse carpark was in great condition for the run. Also for his help and advice this year in ensuring the runners’ safety at the 5k turn.


As in previous years, all the proceeds raised from the run go towards the club’s ‘Sensory Soft Play Resource’, which is managed, maintained and funded by the volunteers of the Wednesday Club.


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Our winners- pictured being presented with their trophies by Derek Holmes (Discount VW Audi Centre, Hoylake).


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Male Winner - Phillip Langan

(Wirral AC) - Age 41

Time 32.46

Lady Winner - Ailbhe McDaid

(Liverpool Harriers) - Age 32

Time – 37.33




Thanks to Derek Holmes for the beetle car display. As in previous years it has advertised the 10k run to everyone driving through Hoylake in the week leading up to run. Of course, the runners love to have their photo taken with it!


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Special thanks to ALL the following




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Timekeeping Team

Thanks to our fantastic team of timekeepers/referees who through their professionalism again helped make this year’s run another success, and for taking so much pressure off the organisers on the day!


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SJA - St John Ambulance (Wallasey & Liscard Adult Branch)

Thanks again for their continued support and expertise on the day.


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Wirral Raynet

Thanks to this voluntary group who provided the radio communication support along the route. An excellent job done by all! Thanks for their help, support and professionalism on the day, admirably led by Richard.


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Transport to Moreton

Discount VW Audi Centre (Hoylake). A big thanks to local businessman Derek Holmes (, and Rod and Dom for their support on the day, making sure all the equipment was transported to Leasowe Lighthouse carpark to join up with our Drinks team


Leasowe Lighthouse Drinks team and Marshals

Well done to everyone at the water table.


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Run Numbers

Thanks to Alan Rothwell (BTR) for sponsoring this years run numbers

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Runners Hub Heswall

Thanks to Nigel Crompton for sponsoring 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female Prize Vouchers


Hoylake Subway

Thanks to Andre for sponsoring the winners trophies and providing food and cookies for the volunteers, and for helping on the day


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Thanks to Andrew Almond from A&A Marketing for sponsoring the certificates this year for the runners.





Wirral Coastal Ranger

Description: HOYLAKE 10K ROUTE WITHOUT YEAR_PGThanks to Wirral Ranger Dave Stevenson who did such a fantastic job in making sure the course between the 5k marker and Leasowe Lighthouse carpark was in great condition for the run.





Thanks for their continued support and vigilance down at Moreton shore on the day.


Wirral Coastguards

Thanks for their support along the route on the day.


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UTS (Hoylake)

Thanks to Tony Berry and Andrew Corke for their support, and to Andrew for providing sports massage therapy for the runners before & after the run.


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Thanks to all who have submitted photos for inclusion on our website  

Phil Price, Colin Birkett, Amy Timewell, Jim Anderson and Steve Billington (whose 10k photos can be viewed on )



We would also like to thank all the runners and friends who have obtained sponsorship for the club’s Sensory Resource. Each year their generosity is amazing – thank you all.


Finally a very big thank you to all the runners who took part. We hope to see you again for next year’s Hoylake 10k, on Sunday 16th Sept 2018 which will be our 25th run. Maybe some extra celebrations needed?



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