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What we do

The Soft Play Sensory Resource caters for the various requirements of Wirral’s special needs people of all ages. It has been and remains a vital community resource that has a huge impact on its users and their carers, by improving their overall quality of life. A number of local schools with special pupils also benefit from the facilities offered by the resource.

The Wednesday Special Needs Club (WSNC) was started in 1993 to assist in the care of special needs people. In 1995 it opened the Soft Play Sensory Resource and it continues to run and maintain it. The club is staffed and run by volunteer helpers and has no official funding. It meets every Wednesday evening between 7 and 9 pm (during school term times) and caters for young people aged 10 upwards. Its aim is to provide its members with a few hours of fun and social chat in welcoming surroundings.

The facilities available to the club include the sensory resource, a spacious and a welcoming coffee bar with annexe room and a large hall. During the evening, the activities enjoyed include arts and crafts, table games, watching TV, play on the Xbox and football shoot-out.

The Hoylake 10k Fun Run is organised annually by the club as part of its fundraising activities to help with the upkeep of the sensory resource.

To find out the latest happenings at the club and details of other runs in the area, see the News page.



Our Facilities


  • Large ball pool, accommodating up to 10 users, for motor stimulation and therapeutic play
  • Electric hoist for easy access to the ball pool by users with severe mobility problems
  • Extensive soft play area, providing a safe environment for therapeutic play and motor stimulation
  • Soft and textured surfaces, providing tactile stimulation
  • Audio equipment playing music for aural stimulation
  • Various lighting effects, including fibre-optic displays and a sound-activated light system, to provide visual stimulation
  • A ‘Quiet Room’ padded with white soft play cushioning, featuring illuminated bubble columns and fibre optic displays
  • Use of a spacious welcoming Coffee Bar with its adjoining extension space for various recreational activities including music, TV, play-stations and table games
  • Use of a large hall where members can participate in various activities, arts and crafts and games such as our football ‘Shoot Out’


Title: Children playing in theball pool

Title: The light effects in the room


Title: A projector display on the wall


Title: Fascinating light cables and columns in the quiet area




Where to find us


We are located in the The Parade Hoylake Community Centre, Hoyle Road, Hoylake.

See Location and Transport Information.


Title: View of the WSNC room from outside the Community Centre


Your support

The WSNC couldn’t do anything without you. Whether you take part in the Fun Run or you volunteer to help out in any way, your money, time and skills allow this most valuable community resource to continue. We thank you all for your support.

But we need YOUR CONTINUED HELP AND SUPPORT in providing this marvellous facility in the future.

Could You?

  • Offer your time (on club nights or as a Run marshal at the 10k)
  • Offer your skills
  • Offer sponsorship (for the 10K Run)
  • Make a one-time donation

If so, please get in touch to discuss how you could help.






The Soft Play Sensory facilities have been made possible by the club’s fundraising efforts together with donations from groups within the local community and from various charitable organisations.

As always, we wish to thank everyone who has helped and supported us since 1993.

The major fundraising activity of the club is held each year and is:

The annual Hoylake Coastal 10km Fun Run.

This takes place on a Sunday in September (dependent on the tides!). For more information on the run and to download an application form, see the Hoylake 10k Fun Run page.

Results and photographs of the runners appear on our website after each run (results within 48 hours and photos after about a week).



This event provides local businesses with excellent sponsorship opportunities (e.g. T-Shirts advertising, etc.).

So keep a look out for this event and check on this website for ongoing news and information.





Contact us

If you would like to know more about the club, the Soft Play Resource or the Hoylake Coastal 10k Fun Run, then please see our Facebook site or contact Carla Williams on 0151 625 9505 or send an email to




10k Run - St. Johns Ambulance Brigade for their attendance at each Fun Run and for their professional support and advice.

A big Thank You to all the individuals, charities and organisations that have supported us or made donations to us since we started in 1993.





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