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The Wednesday Special Needs Club (WSNC) announces with the deepest sorrow and regret that the Club and its Sensory Softplay Resource (for special-needs of all ages) closed permanently at the end of March.


The Resource was completely dismantled over the long Easter weekend, and equipment and usable fittings put in temporary storage. These will be donated in the coming month to various special-needs resources, schools, individuals and groups who we know will benefit greatly from them.


The decision to close the Club and Softplay Resource has been very distressing for the volunteers of the WSNC, its club members and users of the Resource. The closure was not due to financial reasons or under-usage or lack of WSNC volunteers. It was due to the fact that in the last twelve months, operational changes in the running of the Community Centre made by its management have caused issues for us which we have not been able to resolve with the Board of Trustees or Centre management.


The Trustees and Centre Management have ignored any requests to negotiate or meet with us to discuss the issues and find a resolution to our H & S concerns, and have confirmed they will not be changing their staffing operational procedures.


Though we do not dispute the right of the Community Centre management to operate as they see fit, we judged that their recent changes have unfortunately made continuance of the Club and the Sensory Softplay Resource impossible.



10k Run to Continue


The Hoylake 10k Run will still take place on Sunday the 16th September, but will be organised by local Hoylake UTS. For further information visit ** NOTE- this link WAS CHANGED on 23/7/18 **



To see details of the 2017 run and a list of winners of all the runs, click here.



History of the WSNC and its Sensory Softplay Resource


The WSNC has been run, maintained and funded solely by WSNC volunteers. Since its creation in 1993 it has run a weekly social meeting for special-needs people aged 10 and over, at Hoylake Parade Community Centre.


In 1995, WSNC volunteers created and funded the Sensory Softplay Resource. The Resource has been a valuable sensory therapeutic facility which has helped many special-needs people of all ages, providing a vital and affordable community facility, which has had a hugely beneficial impact on its many users and their carers, helping improve their overall quality of life. It has been open 5 days a week, with over 47 hourly carer/supervised sessions during the week. Since its opening it has seen a footfall of over 135,000 users (figure includes carers).


The monies required for the Club and Resources maintenance and upkeep has been derived mainly by organising the annual Hoylake 10k Run (over £140k being raised since 1994) and from a few smaller donations received over the years.


During its existence, the Club has contributed a significant amount to the income of the Centre. The revenue generated from the Resource (after deducting insurance and other various annual equipment operating costs) has been contributed annually to the Community Centre. The Centre has also had the assistance of a WSNC volunteer who has given considerable time and effort to help with the Centre’s fund-raising projects having raised over £250k for the Community Centre.


The WSNC volunteers would like to thank all those who have supported us over the last 25 years – members of our Club, users of the Resource, parents/carers alike, volunteers, donors, runners who have taken part in our annual Hoylake 10k and other members of the community, who have been so helpful and of value to us over the years.


We have loved running the WSNC and the Sensory Resource and know how much people have enjoyed coming along and have benefited by using our facilities. We only hope that those other special-needs resources we select to receive parts of the dismantled Resource can make full use of them, and that they bring as much joy to them as they have to us over the years.


Thank you.


WSNC Volunteers past and present.





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